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Sports Training

All Sports require power, strength, agility, and speed. It is said that champions are made in the offseason. That is a false statement! Champions are made throughout the Year. There is no off season if you want to be successful!!  We break up our training into (preseason, during the season, and postseason) blocks.  We train our athletes Year around to get bigger, faster, and stronger!!

Our sports program focuses on 3 main goals absolute strength, speed strength, and Strength endurance. During each part of the season we focus on different qualities of these three. The season dictates the goal.

Absolute strength is the most amount of weight you can lift once. We use max effort training to accomplish this goal. Every player on the field or court needs absolute strength to perform.

Speed strength is another quality we work on. Speed strength is the maximal amount of force being able to be produced during a high speed movement. This would be directly related to sprinting speed and the ability to change direction quickly (agility).

The third quality we focus on is Strength Endurance.  Strength endurance is the ability to maintain muscular contraction over a period of time.  In all sports this would be the ability to perform consistently at a high level throughout the game.

Our program is professionally written and tailored to each individual player’s needs. This is not a cookie cutter program. Your athlete will get the attention they need from an educated experienced strength coach!

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