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Mike Johnson

Owner / Coach

A lot of my life has been focused around sports and weight training, because I have a passion for it. I have had success in many of the different sports and weight training because I have the Focus, drive, and determination to set a goal and reach it. It is my goal to help others enjoy fitness/weight lifting like I do. I have found that if you have a long term goal such as a completion that will help drive your physical fitness goals.

I began working out at age 13 and joined my first gym (bodybuilders) at 14 years old. I competed in, and won, my first bodybuilding contest at the age of 19. I would later compete in body building at the age of 36 and won 3 contests. At the age of 41 I competed in my first powerlifting meet  and set a state record in the deadlift. I soon got into Rugby after high school and played 17 years. During that time I learned a lot about goal setting and determination. Our rugby team won state in 2006. It took ten years to achieve that goal. We also made the national playoffs 2 years in a row, and placed second in state 4 times.

My interest in sports and weightlifting lead me to become a personal trainer at the age of 18. As of now I have 22+ years of experience. My interest in strength training, lead me to get my bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology (study of body movement) in 2005. Fitness is an applied science. If you apply the scientific method to training you will have success. But most importantly enjoy what you are doing!

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