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About Us

Our goal at VPR Training Gym is to provide a positive training environment based on getting RESUTS!

VPR is not your typical “box” gym. Box gyms just offer you a room full of equipment and expect you to know how to use it. If you don’t know how to use it they will overcharge you for personal training by someone who, more than likely, got their certification online with minimal to no experience. I absolutely HATE this concept. Why not go to a gym where people know what they are doing and actually care about their members not their bottom line?

At VPR Training gym we offer professionally written programs to help you reach your goals and get results. All of our programs are focused around the goal of gaining strength and tailored to individual needs and goals. Nothing will get you leaner- faster than strength training. Our programs will challenge you to reach goals you didn’t know were possible.

We have specialty equipment that many of the gyms in the valley do not have. We feel it is important to invest in the proper equipment base on getting results. You will not see any of the fluff stuff like the box gyms. Our equipment is focused on strengthening and increasing mobility.

Instead of your typical online certificate trainers we have professional coaches. Many of our coaches have 10+ years of experience and their college degree in exercise science. Our coaches will be by your side to help you achieve RESULTS!!We will help teach you proper lifting technique so you don’t get injured. We will help assess and strengthen your weak points. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We will also help you with meal planning, diet strategies, and supplement advice. Your diet has to be able fuel your workouts to help you get RESULTS!!

We monitor your progress monthly, sometimes weekly, with body metrics (muscle%, fat%). We work closely with a nutrition shop, here in the valley, that offers FREE inbody assessments. By monitoring your progress week to week, month to month, we can adjust your training and also your diet.

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